Peepboardpleasure is an interactive video installation that provides a fun participatory experience for members of the public:


Peepboardpleasure is inspired by the idea of seaside soakers, but here the illustrations of traditional seaside soakers come to life; They are replaced by projected video footage.

Installed in a city street Peepboardpleasure invites passers by to poke their head through the holes in the screen, thus turning them into dancing movie stars. Rather than passively watching projections as an observer, the piece offers the public a chance to be truly involved in the work.

Traditional Seaside Soaker


Technical Requirements

The installation is made out of a Foamex board strong enough to stand upright and take 2 persons’ body weight. The white Foamex serves as a projection screen and its measurements are ca. 2,60m width by 1,95m height.

Opposite the peepboard, at a distance of ca. 3 meters a projector and 2 big mirrors are installed in order for people to see themselves interacting with the peepboard. There is also a set of loudspeakers in order to play the sound of the music video.

Peepboardpleasure last ca. 6 min and it can run on a continuous loop.

Press & Copy

Exhibit: Peepboardpleasure

Artists: Davy & Kristin McGuire

Peepboardpleasure is a peep-board with a twist - poke your head through the peephole and watch as the illustrations around you come to life. Moving images magically envelop you in a world where you become a dancing flapper, a roaring lion or an overweight taxi driver.

Installed in a busy city street Peepbardpleasure is a looping installation that anyone can play with - a mischievous mix of projection mapping, dance, film, object, animation and a lot of fun!

Davy & Kristin are an award winning director/designer couple whose projects range from music videos, commercial, animation films and installations to live theatre shows, dance performances, video projections and everything in between. They created The Icebook ( and recently directed, designed and performed a critically acclaimed stage adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle at the Southwark Playhouse in London. Their clients’ list includes Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft, Canal+, The Guillemots, Partizan and Aardman and their works have been viewed over 325K times on Vimeo last year. Their productions have also featured on the BBC, on TV in Japan, on Canal+ in France as well as being published in Kerrang, Digital Arts, Contageous Magazine, Time Out, Metro, Times and Elle Girl Korea.

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